The lemmings have spoken

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I voted today as well.

I’ve been voting since I first registered as soon as I turned 18. I used to do it with pride. I looked forward to it then because I saw its importance, and like many, I rather naively believed that I could make a difference.

Remember, this was about the time that the Cold War came to a close and that freedom seemed to break out everywhere. The economy expanded, and the United States reclaimed its rightful place as the leader of the free world.

In the 90s, we saw an extended period of (mostly) peace and prosperity. I boldly claimed that Roadside’s “Recipe for an American Renaissance” would soon become a plank in someone’s political campaign.

Then… We’ll, you all know what happened. Bush happened. 9/11 happened. Iraq happened.

You were played. The powers-that-were preyed upon the ignorant and convinced too many of you to give up your liberties in exchange for a false sense of security. The peace dividend (remember that?) became a quaint notion. Government exploded and steadily took away more of our rights, while convincing you it was for your own good. Whether it was the promise of free healthcare, peace in the Middle East, or a new auto plant in your state, you gladly handed over huge chunks of your productive life all-too-willingly to the latest overlords.

When that didn’t work out so well, you looked for a yet another new overlord, no longer giving a damn about things like integrity or character, because you justifiably believed that within government, it no longer existed. So what the hell? Why not vote for your drunk uncle or your sanctimonious aunt?

This is what voting has now given us. People choosing between the worst of two evils, and every cycle, the evil just gets more so, and so you end up caring that much less. You’ll even vote for useless blobs of protoplasm like Trump or Hillary or their acolytes, and you wonder why everyone is so damn angry.

I never wondered. I saw this coming. And I see it getting worse, because too many of you insist that if we just tinker with the same-ol’, same-ol’, the country will heal.

It won’t. Until you finally understand that the status quo needs to be destroyed once and for all, we will remain mired in this funk and we will ultimately lose our standing in the world — if we haven’t already.

But you won’t. You don’t have the balls.

And if you think swinging the pendulum HARD in the other direction is going to make life better for us, you’re being…

Just. Plain. Stupid.

I have met the enemy. And it is you.