This debate was settled 225 years ago. Enough already

Last year in Chicago over 700 people, mostly black, were murdered with guns, mostly illegal. The critical mind will appreciate the fact that the events in Vegas, no matter how horrific, are a statistical blip. Fifty-eight people died in one place because of one guy. How is that effectively different from 58 people murdered by […]

Overplaying the Left hand

Too many libertarians hate the left more than they love liberty. One response I’ve heard to my pushing back on their take on Trump is that “well Obama/Clinton was/would have been worse!” No, actually he wasn’t and I don’t think she would have been. Yes, they might have expanded the regulatory state, but there would […]

Our nation out to pasture

So much for fun on Facebook. People are losing their minds over what is really the end result of decades of abuses of power combined with the dumbing down of the populace — yes, the entire populace. While we instinctively know there is something wrong, we have separated into our own tribes, falling victim to the echo chamber. These chambers of paranoia […]

Exercise bikes for toddlers are a terrible idea

I’d like to find everyone in that meeting that approved this “toy”, fire them with great humiliation, and make it so they never work in this business again. First, the idea that a kid is going to stay in one place and exercise while watching a screen is ludicrous at the outset, but to even […]

Anthony Bourdain on the Great Comeuppance

Like Mr. Bourdain, I too have spent quite a lot of time in “God’s Country,” and I too found a lot of good people struggling to get by, and who have had enough of their values and opinions (right or wrong) shat upon. This is what happens when you stop listening. I’ve spent a lot […]

Get off the barricades and get a grip on yourself

The predictable reaction on the Left to Littlefinger’s election has exploded on my Facebook feed as it has across the country. This sparks a peculiar aspect of my character where I calm down when all around me panics. So despite my complete disgust with the results, I can’t help but eye-roll at the hand-wringing. People seem all-too-ready to build and […]

Indian police arrest 70 for targeting Americans in tax scam

According to police in Mumbai, the yearlong scam involved running fake call centers which sent voice mail messages telling U.S. nationals to call back because they owed back taxes.Those who called back and believed the threats would fork out thousands of dollars to “settle” their case, Mumbai police officer Parag Marere said Thursday. We’ve received […]

There is no opting out

You might never join Facebook, but a zombie you — sewn together from scattered bits of your personal data — is still sitting there in sort-of-stasis on its servers waiting to be properly animated if you do sign up for the service. Or waiting to escape through the cracks of another security flaw in Facebook’s […]

Three simple steps for 100% privacy protection

In the wake of all the NSA/Eric Snowden disclosures, everyone seems to be abuzz with the notion of protecting their personal privacy from the big internet companies, the government, and from other nefarious characters. As someone who has worked with computers for the past thirty years, and has some expertise setting up networks, installing software, […]

The NSA introduces us to the “zettabyte”

Talk about farm subsidies, the NSA is almost finished with its new data farm in Utah. According to NPR, it holds five zettabytes of data!  “There is almost certainly surveillance that they would like to do and have not been able to do because they didn’t have the storage or computing resources to perform the […]