Eminent domain ready for its close-up

Haven’t seen this movie, but I hope it covers the fact that after all that, Pfizer never built on the property. In fact, it would later announce it was moving its headquarters out of New London altogether. It does note that the liberal justices sided with Pfizer. So much for your property rights. When the […]

Overplaying the Left hand

Too many libertarians hate the left more than they love liberty. One response I’ve heard to my pushing back on their take on Trump is that “well Obama/Clinton was/would have been worse!” No, actually he wasn’t and I don’t think she would have been. Yes, they might have expanded the regulatory state, but there would […]

Government science lays another egg. Cholesterol now OK.

Studies are now showing that government studies are bad for your health, your job, and the economy as a whole. Cholesterol has been a fixture in dietary warnings in the United States at least since 1961, when it appeared in guidelines developed by the American Heart Association. Later adopted by the federal government, such warnings […]

Health care well down the road to nationalization

Seeing a lack of competition in many of the health law’s online insurance marketplaces, Hillary Clinton, President Obama and much of the Democratic Party are calling for more government, not less. We can add the health care industry to a long list of industries “helped” by government intervention. Of course, this usually comes after government […]

I believe it is wrong to hurt people. 

I am a Libertarian for one very simple reason. I believe it is wrong to hurt people. Non-aggression lies at the very core of Libertarian philosophy. Liberals and Conservatives will never say this. They can’t. They both believe that under the right circumstances pertaining to their particular agendas, it’s acceptable to hurt people. Unfortunately, this […]

I’m in

Any reasonable person living in a state that’s a lock for either of the major candidates that must hold their nose to pull their lever must vote for a third party candidate. It’s the only way to make your vote actually count. There’s no such thing as a wasted vote, except when you vote for […]

Good guy with a gun story goes ignored

The interesting thing about this incident is that it flies in the face of the narrative that people would be safer if we make it harder for individuals to gain access to, or legally carry, firearms. Source: Media Silent as Concealed Carrier Stops Mass Shooting in Progress at a South Carolina Nightclub | The Daily […]