Welcome to Bernie Sanders’s America

Venezuelan professionals are abandoning hospitals and universities to scrounge livings as street vendors in Peru and janitors in Ecuador. Here in Trinidad and Tobago — a petroleum-producing Caribbean nation off Venezuela’s northern coast — Venezuelan lawyers are working as day laborers and sex workers. A former well-to-do bureaucrat who once spent a summer eating traditional shark sandwiches and drinking whisky on Trinidad’s Maracas Bay is now working as a maid.


You do NOT separate kids from parents. Period. 

The policy so far has pushed shelters to their capacity. Trump administration officials are making preparations to hold immigrant children on military bases. On Thursday, the Trump administration said it will house children in tents in the desert outside El Paso. “The really basic, foundational needs of having trust in adults as a young child was not being met. That contradicts everything we know that the kids need to build their health,” said Dr Kraft after her visit to the Texas shelter.

Source: ‘America is better than this’: What a doctor saw in a Texas shelter for migrant children | The Independent

I don’t give a damn what it says in the Bible. You do not make kids suffer, not if you can help it. Ever.

This is not my country. My America does not do this.

What these two incidents prove is that crazy people who want to kill will do so with or without a gun and with or without permission from the state to have said gun. However, only one of these incidents was brought to an end with lives saved—and that was solely due to the fact that Americans refuse to give up their right to own and carry guns.

Source: As Disarmed Canadians Rocked by Bombing, Armed American Citizen Stops Mass Shooting

People hell-bent on killing will find a way.

As Disarmed Canadians Rocked by Bombing, Armed American Citizen Stops Mass Shooting

Millennials flunk Freedom 101

Lack of general economic education seems to be one the factors in Millennial ambivalence towards entrepreneurship and capitalism.
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In my experience, most of my teachers from high school on up, especially in Econ, tended to lean left — sometimes heavily so. I’m the face of that, it’s amazing I was able to discern the truth.

You Can’t Deny that Venezuela is a Socialist Calamity – Foundation for Economic Education

This humanitarian disaster has raised the question of who or what to blame. That question puts self-proclaimed socialists and their progressive sympathizers in a difficult spot. After all, one can easily find lots of examples (from Michael Moore to Bernie Sanders) of people on the left praising or endorsing Chavez’s economic policies. So what can people who took that position say in the face of this disaster? And what can the defenders of free enterprise say as well?
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This is what Bernie Sanders wants for us. This is government control.

The kids are not quite right

What explains this generational divergence? The first factor is that young adults may take for granted the bounty capitalism has bestowed, from cellphones to inexpensive air travel to an endless array of food and beverage options. They can’t remember the time when those things didn’t exist.

Why does socialism hang around like fruit flies in an otherwise clean kitchen? Because people like free stuff and hate the rich.

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Will on Pence — Killing him loquaciously

“Henry Adams said that “practical politics consists in ignoring facts,” but what was the practicality in Pence’s disregard of the facts about Arpaio? His pandering had no purpose beyond serving Pence’s vocation, which is to ingratiate himself with his audience of the moment. The audience for his praise of Arpaio was given to chanting “Build that wall!” and applauded Arpaio, who wears Trump’s pardon like a boutonniere.”

How can you not love someone of such eloquence and erudition? And especially when they are so on the mark?


Four issues that expose Jenkintown’s festering malaise and the people responsible for it

Most people who live here want to preserve Jenkintown’s small-town character, and yet our leaders seem hell-bent on letting that unravel. Council leadership and Borough Solicitor Sean Kilkenny, have led our town and its citizens into a growing thicket of municipal failures and public outrages.

It concerns me particularly, because I’ve traveled though hundreds of small towns across this region, observing that cities and towns enter decline for many reasons. They keep declining or linger in malaise for mainly one: The absence of capable, visionary, and civic-minded leadership.

To any outsider who casts even a casual glance into the activities of our local government, clearly we look bad. Foolish, might apply even better. Here’s why:

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: a bell jar sample of municipal decline

Where is Mr. Clean: Municipal Formula when you need him?

Old story in the new economy, Amazon edition

Councilmember Kshama Sawant—a self-proclaimed socialist who has endorsed the nationalization of another Seattle-area corporate titan, Boeing—was less subtle. Sawant calls Amazon’s refusal to passively accept the taxation “blackmail,” and she organized a Thursday rally outside Amazon’s headquarters.

Despite these protestations, support for the tax is starting to flag.

Unlike Reason, I’m loathe to use the word “progressive” in this context. To me, progress does not mean stripping people of their civil rights, hurting them more, or taking more of their stuff.

This is classic goose-killing for more golden eggs, but it tells a story right out of the socialist-statist fairy tale. It’s almost cliché! The city already increased spending to solve its homeless spending, only to watch it get worse. So it looks around for more cash and sees it oozing out of Amazon’s corporate pores.

Had Amazon buckled, not only would the homeless problem get still worse, but it would ensure that Amazon’s HQ2 becomes HQ1 (which it likely will anyway), and like other corporate tax exiles, head south or to cities all-too-willing to open up their treasuries to court the retail behemoth.

This issue aside, opening up new revenue streams for any reason and putting it under the control of political whim just pours gas on a dumpster fire. Can’t think of a better way not to solve any problem.

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